B is for Baltic Sea – ABC Along

This is the „Brodtener Steilufer“ a cliff at the baltic sea between Lübeck and Niendorf.
My husband has some childhood memories of this place and so he takes us there from time to time like yesterday.

We had a nice sunny and chilly day which also included some fishrolls and kids throwing sand and stones in the sea. No wonder everybody overslept today.


3 Antworten zu “B is for Baltic Sea – ABC Along

  1. Interesting. I always thought this water thingy at Lübeck was the Ostsee (which comes pretty much later in the abc),

  2. @Krischan yepp but in english it is called Baltic Sea and as this is an english based Along, I am pretty sure I can use the english expression as well. Plus I also can titel this entry Brodtener Steilufer 🙂

  3. Funny, not only from Mölln but childhood memories of the \“Brodtener Steilufer\“. As if Travemünde is far away…

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