C is for coffee – ABC Along

This is no good picture but it means a lot to me. It shows a starbucks to go cup which I recieved in Bonn. Actually it was given to me on our last day in Bonn before we moved home. I visited the local Starbucks nearly daily and was always treated more than nice although I mostly did not spent more than a few bucks.

On the last day my favourite employee wrote some Good Bye notes on the cup before she handed it over to me. Unfortunatly my son had fun to drop it and that is why it looks all spilled with coffee.

Originally I was raised as a tea person. I had myself one to two liter of black tea nearly everyday. But when pregnant in the last month with my daughter I needed a bigger kick in the morning and so I started the habit to drink about two to three cafe latte a day. This become more necessary to me when she was born and a big lack of sleep grew into my life. Adding to the waking me up factor coffee got its meaning as a special treat for, when bought in a nice coffeeshop. A reward for beeing in duty the whole day for my kid(s).

I have to say that I am a bit picky with coffee, I need the right amount of milk and sugar with it and not every bean is to my delight. A lot of sold coffee is bad for my stomach and/ or does not taste me.

Starbuck opened up in Bonn six month after we moved there and I tried it soon after the opening. What else is left to say, I am addicted to its coffee and no shame for that.


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