D is for Des Moines – ABC Along

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I know it has been a while, but my D is here.

D is for Des Moines, because it was the first place I have been in the US. Ok first place has been Chicago, but that has been only 2 hours while switching plane.

It was Des Moines which build my image of the states. Here in Germany it is told sometimes, either you love the States or you hate them.

For me, it was the begin of a love affair. We have been invited to a wedding of the son of my husbands former guestfamily from his exchange year.

I was greeted with open arms and their love for him was given to me as well. This family is an experience like no other.
It is a a huge family with lots of friends and because of the wedding nearly all of them are around.

Our hosts were like the center of it all, open house for everyone, open arms for everybody.

This did not change over the years and Des Moines is sure not the navel of the world or a exciting city but it is a place where people care, where I experienced wonderful LYS, attended two weddings, found the Godmother for my son and a memory of my husband I really love to share.

As a side note, I was only able to take this picture because while trying to stabilisize my camera on a stone I guy came along and offered me his tripod. he was a profesional forographer.


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