F is for Frederike – ABC Along

It took me some thoughts if it would be right to post my daughter again in this Along.

But as her name begins with an F and she was the most life changing experience in my life, it has to be her.

When getting pregnant it was nothing near planed. She just decided to arrive in our life. (Good decision little girl).
I was in the midth of preparation an exam and my husband (to be) was not that long in his first job ever.

But with the moment it was sure, the second red line means pregnant and the docotors confirmation, there was no doubt she will be with us.

Having this growing life into my belly was one of the best times in my life, so much excitement, so much curiosity, so much proud my body could do this.

Then she was born and turned our lifes up side down. Small little baby with such a big demanding voice, a lot of nights with interruption every two hours, spitting, full diapers and growing dark circles under my eyes.

My life has become full of worries and fears about this little life which was given to us.
I was frustrated and angry more than one time but all this was and is worth it. I got so much more love and proud in trade.

We have the most wonderfull little human beeing which enriches our lifes like nothing else (except for her brother). We got the gift to see her develop from the helpless little bundle into a self confident, charming, friendly, wild, nasty, challenging but never boring girl.

I am so happy she decided to come into our lifes, I am so happy she is healthy and intelligent and gifted like she is. I am so happy even when she tries to drive me nuts (with big assistance by the little guy here). Who cares (most of the time) that my life plans changed and the end of the exam has been postponed.

I sure will be in a paied job soon (with the full exam) but since than I enjoy this non paied job taking care of my wonderfull daughter who will turn five this year.


3 Antworten zu “F is for Frederike – ABC Along

  1. Mann, ist die gross geworden! Die ist ja schon fast in der Schule!!!
    LG Eva

  2. She is beautiful — the perfect \“F.\“
    ; )

  3. What a sweet note from mommy.

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