G is for Göttingen ABC – Along

This is the Gänseliesl, the landmark of Göttingen.
A young girl surrounded with gooses. There is the habit that every student who earned the phd is going to bring some flowers to this little statue.

Göttingen is the town where I went to after I left my parents house for University.

I spent seven at a half year there.
A lot happend during these years.
I learned to live alone. I learned to live in a dormitory with a whole bunch of different cultures. (This was amazing because I learned so much about them)
I met my best friend, the godmother of my son, my husband and earned a degree in law.
I had hard times and good times, I found friendships some of them which still last.
I was frustrated during studies and successfull. I was heartbroken and I found love.
I had Party (oh yes!) and worklife.
I went from my twenties to my thirties and finally left the town to move on.

There will allways be a soft spot filled with memories for this town.

And this is me young and full of life during these years.


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