H is for Henri – ABC Along

H is for Henri - ABC Along

Like F was for my first born Frederike, H has to be for Henri my second child.

On the picture he was about an hour old and I really love this picture. We didn’t use the flash for this pic so it is a bit blury.

When pregnant for the second time it was not such a life changing experience like with the first one. It was kind of sad time because we had to move away from our beloved city and that really made me depressed. Nevertheless I was happy about the growing life inside my belly.

Giving birth to him was a bit harder than with his sister because I was in a city I don’t want to live in and not in the hospital where I gave birth to Rieke which was fantastic. But on the other hand I had a midwife I knew, a midwife I chose during pregnancy to come for birth with us.
With Rieke I had to take the one which was on charge.
Having my „own“ midwife was great and she made the birht despite my homesickness wonderfull.

The birth of Henri let me settle a bit more in the new city and ended my lonelynes there.

Although I had a child before he was all different. He was gaining weight like no good, he mostly slept for a couple of hours through the night and he was more calm than his sister.

But he also was like her a friendly charming baby which took my heart in a storm.

Now that he is two years old he prooves he is self-confident as his sister, sure beautyfull, charming like no other and discovering the world in high speed.

My little knot has grown to a toddler who shows us, that despite the place of birth he is nordish by nature and we don’t want to miss a second with him.



3 Antworten zu “H is for Henri – ABC Along

  1. boah, wie die Zeit vergeht. Das ist schon irgendwie erschreckend:-)
    Jetzt ist der junge Herr auch schon sooooo groß.

  2. und es ist schon so lang her, aber ich glaube wir beide vergessen die Stunden der Wehen nicht 😉
    Liebe Grüsse
    Sabine aka Messengerdoula 😀

  3. @Rina, oh ja der ist schon sooo groß, wo ist nur mein Baby …

    @Sabine, nee nee das vergesse ich nicht. War ne gute Assistenz 😉

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