Starbucks And Yarn Swap – QUESTIONNAIRE

I was thrilled to discover this swatch because two of my passions are united in it.

So here come my answers to the questionnaire.

5. Handmade item you desire in the swap (bag, cup cozy, etc.)

I would like etc. 🙂 Bag or cozy.

6. Starbucks item you desire (gift card, mug, beans, etc.)

Mug, but none of the city/country ones.

7. Favorite Starbucks beverage/bean

Grande cafe latte to go!

8. Favorite snack food

Chocolate cake, dark chocolate, gummibears, bretzel snacks and the tangerine after coffee mints we don`t have over here.

9. Favorite color(s)

Warm tones, autumn colours, dark reds, pinks if not babypink. Never yellow or neon colours.

10. Favorite fragrance

By brand? Pure white linen by Esther Lauder, fresh and citrine ones, nothing like moschus or sandalwood.
To intensive fragrances give me headaches.

11. What types of things do you like to knit?

Lace, sometimes socks, cloth for the kids, sweaters for me. Not so much the accessorize knitter.

12. Do you spin?


13. Do you dye your own yarn?


14. Favorite yarns

Alpaca, Merino, Silk, Cashmere 🙂 Whatever feels good and has nice colours. I don’t like Mohair, makes me itch and no acrylic (over 15%), makes me sweat.

15. Favorite needles

Defenitly Addis, but its an easy passion for me, they come from here. Besides that I love Holz and Stein wooden needles.

16. Do you have any allergies?

No, nothing I am aware of.

17. Would you be willing to prepare an angel kit if necessary?

I would be willing, but around the swap we are on vacation out of country so I am happy if I send my package in time.

18. Do you have any special requests?

Can I send over my kids for two weeks, pretty pleas? 🙂

19. Do you have any pets?

Two cats.

20. Is your home smoking or nonsmoking



Eine Antwort zu “Starbucks And Yarn Swap – QUESTIONNAIRE

  1. Hab dir einen Award verliehen, musst du nur bei mir abholen 🙂


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