Fall and Impatience

So there is no denial left, that fall is coming over Germany.

See I made some Pumpkinsoup.

I love fall, I love the promise for new stuff in the future while the old is leaving. Always new and good things have started for me in fall.

So no wondering that in fall I get the itch to start new knits.

No Problem so far, I found what I wanted to make and ordered the yarn and bought the patterns.
Because I am kind of a yarn snob I bought my yarn overseas. Here starts the unhappy part of it. I have to WAIT. Wait wait wait, it has been 10 day since one order and 4 since the other one has been send. Isn’t that enough for me to wait.

Meanwhile I knitted a pair of sock, me who never likes knitting socks too much and I finished it. WOW

My old WIPs are either finished or on hold. I requested a copy of a lost pattern to finish another WIP. I organized all my stash took pictures put them online and sorted out what I want to sell/trade.
So there is nothing else more to do than wait.

Now my question, do you know the feeling when you have the promise of an inspiring new project you just want to dig your needles and nose in?
And of the day, when you really want to start/knit it has been another day without the appearance of the mailman and you just can not start and the feeling of unhappiness and restlessness flatters you down?

Is it only me beeing that weird or are other knitters alike?
(Disclaimer: yes I have enough stuff to do and am not only bored at home, but it is the special need to get lost in some knitting what is bothering me)


Eine Antwort zu “Fall and Impatience

  1. Das hab ich doch schon mal gelesen. *such*

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